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I’m Charlotte from Devon and I’m an architect who’s lived in London for 7 years. My passions are art, photography, architecture and design. I love travelling, experiencing new cultures and meeting ... Erfahre mehr

Was du in London unternehmen kannst

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World famous East London flower market - a sunny Sunday MUST!

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Our favourtie place is Broadway Market- a shopping street nestled in the heart of Hackney, East London. Established on an old drovers root into the city, Broadway Market has been home to market tr... Erfahre mehr

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Live music, live comedy, live sport...a lively crowd overlooking the park.

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On a Sunday day, head to London Fields along with the rest of the East London 'hipsters' to immerse yourself in the sure to bring a BBQ and a few tipples. Super fun!

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A London Fields of the best pubs in town.

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Beautiful place to sit outside for breakfast and watch the world go by, (lunch is also incredible - try the salads and chai latte tea!)

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Rooftop bar/cafe with amazing views across east London, the City, Canary Wharf and beyond..

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Hackney's Michelin-starred Pidgin is one of the best - Owners James and Sam previously ran a supper club before opening this delightful little place with its eleven closely packed tables. The no-ch... Erfahre mehr

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Beautiful park with lovely pubs. Check out victoria park village also.