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Go wild and run through Hyde Park. The Serpentine provides the perfect spot for 2 mile loops. If you prefer running through more gardens rather than water, head to Kensington Gardens.

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One of the world's most famous concert halls, the likes of The Rolling Stones have performed at The Royal Albert Hall. It continues to attract the best musicians / acts from all around the world.

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Attracting over 3 million visitors every year, this is one of London's major tourist attractions. A vast treasury of science and invention, famous for its state of the art interactive exhibits.

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Firstly, there's lots of water, a lake for boating, ponds for admiring and the Thames along one side for general gazing purposes. Then there's art at the Pump House Gallery.

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You're only 10 minutes from the glorious Hyde Park. Wander through the lush lawns and head to The Serpentine Gallery.

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Pop along and be enchanted in Kensington Gardens. Visit the Royal Palace and expect something a bit different from the usual heritage experience. Their principle is tradition with a twist...

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The Englishman’s Italian. This is a kitsch bar paying homage to the playful side of Italy, with party-animal PM Silvio Berlusconi as the poster boy. A riot at weekends.

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Battersea is famous for its pub scene. A few minutes up the road you will find the Lighthouse, a delightful family friendly pub that serves delicious food. Their Sunday roast is to die for.

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There is no better way to start your day. Morning coffee at The Butcher & Grill coupled with the fresh food on offer make the perfect combination. A little pricey, but worth every penny.

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One minute away from the flat is Albert Bridge, a bridge over The Thames connecting Chelsea to Battersea. It is one of West London's most striking landmarks, illuminated by 4,000 lightbulbs at night.

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Walk through the harbour amongst some of London’s finest design stores and dream of one day mooring your boat in this opulent harbour.

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Heading towards the river down the road, you'll find the Chelsea Embankment, one of the more beautiful roads in the city. Rainy or sunny, it is one of the most enjoyable walks in this great city.

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