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We're Angie, Myles, Edie, Oisin & Arlo and we're on hiatus in the Wild West of Ireland for a while. Our victorian home is on a beautiful tree lined street in Hackney's London Fields with the loveli... Erfahre mehr
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London's famous flower market happens every Sunday from early morning till 2pm. It's a MUST SEE for visitors to the city. There's great coffee, wonderful independent shops and the buzziest atmosphe... Erfahre mehr

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With its brand new wing about to open, this is THE must see London gallery for culture vultures, art lovers or architecture buffs. It's a really relaxed space for kids, no snobbery here, with a bri... Erfahre mehr

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Bustling market on Saturday and chock full of restaurants, independent boutiques and ace bookshops. One of London's most popular markets, hipster but happy ;)

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Another fabulous park (Hackney wins prizes for this stuff) with a wonderful cafe by the pond, 2 playgrounds (one on each side of the park), giant slides, a public paddling / splash pool area and a ... Erfahre mehr

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Independent(ish) cinema, nice big seats, full bar and more culture than you can shake a stick at. Shows all the new releases and has comedy nights, acoustic performances, film festivals and the lik... Erfahre mehr

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Very busy 50m open air swimming pool. £4.25 per person to enter, kids go free. Expect long queues on sunny days. Clean as a whistle inside. Better for small children is the adjoining paddling pool ... Erfahre mehr

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Amazing playgrounds, beautiful landscape and home to the massive Westfield shopping mall. Get here by train to Stratford from Hackney Central / Dalston Kingsland. If you'd prefer to avoid the mall ... Erfahre mehr

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This place is full of vintage stores, curry houses and streetart. Good to walk after a visit to chi-chi Columbia Road, en route to Spitalfields Market.

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Best Indian restaurant in London. The lamb chops! The naan! Everything! There is always a queue. Get into it.

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independent cinema showing a mix of independent, arthouse and general release films. Kids club Saturdays and parent + child showings midweek. You get to change nappies on the stage. Fun times ;)

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Brilliant selection of breads, great coffee, lovely for beakfast

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Gorgeous Italian food

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Gorgeous park with 50 metre open air lido (swimming pool), tennis courts and an excellent FREE paddling pool (tucked in behind the lido). There are 2 playgrounds for kiddies and some lovely pubs. G... Erfahre mehr

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Eco friendly theatre featuring the newest in green technologies and the best in new British theatre. Many shows transfer to bigger theatres, it's a launching pad for new palywrights, directors and ... Erfahre mehr

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A nostalgic look at childhood, with regularly changing exhibitions and a brilliant gift shop. This nearby branch of the V & A is a 25 minute walk away and a gorgeous place to while away a morning w... Erfahre mehr

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Steaks on an open grill. With chips and salad. And that's pretty much it. Book well in advance.

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Great Japanese ramen place with good value homemade noodles and very tasty chilli sauce. There's another branch on Mare Street if you can't get in here...

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Great place to go (with or without kiddos) to see how London living has changed through the years. Stunning building with gorgeous gardens and great cafe.

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It's a special place. An original, beautifully preserved music hall, really evocative of debauched nights past. Lovely cocktail bar, best to check in advance what's playing, but definitely worth a ... Erfahre mehr

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One of a number of excellent restaurants along this strip of Kingsland Road, it's mediterranean sharing food and ace cocktails. Mid range, expect to pay about £25 per head with a glass of wine.

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A disused piece of land utterly transformed into an urban oasis. Bring the kids for a stone baked pizza and a craft class while you enjoy a cafetiere of freshly pressed coffee. A local GEM.

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COFFEE! and the best boiled eggs and soldiers :)

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Shamazing. Limited number of tables available to book, otherwise you just walk in and take your chances. Worth waiting for. Sharing is caring.

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Our favourite of three neighbourhood pubs, (The George and The Spurstowe Arms being the other two), it's mainly a place fr food, but you can stay as long as you like for drinks if you can find a se... Erfahre mehr

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Family friendly Italian on Broadway Market. 30% off on Tuesdays...


Regents Canal

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14 Orsman Rd·Karte·

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Great for joggers or cyclists, you can walk to Islington or all the way to the Limehouse Basin via Victoria Park. Try the Towpath Cafe, Proud East or any of the other gorgeous spots for brunch or c... Erfahre mehr

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Best for a hearty breakfast and the most delightful service. No lattes here, but great filter coffee.

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This place is home to London's hottest restaurant pop ups. At the moment, it's portuguese. Lovely vibe, good for big numbers, great beers on tap. Enjoy.

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If you can get a booking, take it. You'll be dining with all the coolest folk in town. Grown ups, not one for the kids. Shellfish a speciality.

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Vegetarian Indian food, made and served by a mother and son team. It's fresh and delicious. White Rabbit across the road is good too. But totally different.