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Its a really nice big park right in the centre of London covering an area between Bayswater, Mayfair and Kensington/knightsbridge. Perfect if you like picnics outside on summer days or a little tas... Erfahre mehr

London's Hyde Park is one of the greatest city parks in the world. Covering 142 hectares (350 acres) and with over 4,000 trees, a large lake, a meadow and ornamental flower gardens, there’s a good ... Erfahre mehr

Every year millions of Londoners and tourists visit Hyde Park, one of the capital's eight Royal Parks. Hyde Park covers 350 acres and is home to a number of famous landmarks including the Serpenti... Erfahre mehr

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Very busy 50m open air swimming pool. £4.25 per person to enter, kids go free. Expect long queues on sunny days. Clean as a whistle inside. Better for small children is the adjoining paddling pool ... Erfahre mehr

London Fields – The Lido and Broadway Market London fields and Broadway Market is a top hipster hang out. Nonetheless, there are great restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. Market day is Saturday. Go... Erfahre mehr

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Escape city life for an afternoon and venture to Hackney City Farm, situated between Broadway Market and Columbia Road. Explore the farmyard where you will find many animals, gardens and butterfly ... Erfahre mehr

A sweet little City farm, well worth a visit if you fancy seeing some pigs, chickens, turkeys, geese, sheep and rabbits, followed by brunch or a quick coffee. Free entry, and near to Broadway Market.

Sweet Italian cafe set amidst farmyard animals, from sheep to chickens, goats, and donkeys. Good to combine with Columbia Road flower market on a Sunday morning. Open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-4pm.

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Gorgeous park with 50 metre open air lido (swimming pool), tennis courts and an excellent FREE paddling pool (tucked in behind the lido). There are 2 playgrounds for kiddies and some lovely pubs. G... Erfahre mehr

London Fields little park is the place to see and be seen if you are the arty - foodie and music type :) One of the few open BBQ spaces in London is situated in the south part of the park so on a s... Erfahre mehr

London Fields is a short overground trip away from Stoke Newington train station. London field has an open air swimming pool (called a Lido) and a street market (mostly food) called Broadway market... Erfahre mehr

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Tooting Bec Lido is an open-air fresh water swimming pool in South London. It is the largest swimming pool by surface area in the United Kingdom, being 100 yards long and 33 yards wide. Wikipedia A... Erfahre mehr

On Tooting Bec Common, Tooting Bec Lido is Europe's second longest open air swimming pool. Open end of May to end of September each year and featuring iconic and authentic 1930s invidual changing c... Erfahre mehr

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The Parkland Walk is a 2.5-mile linear green walkway in London, which follows the course of the railway line that used to run between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace, through Stroud Green, Crouc... Erfahre mehr

The walk is a local nature reserve and a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation. It was declared a local nature reserve in 1990 and is London's longest such reserve. Between Finsbu... Erfahre mehr

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Hidden behind a wooden wall is a secret little garden, lit u at night with fairy lights, serving pizzas and cakes, beer and wine, or bring your own food and have a little secret picnic in the hidde... Erfahre mehr

This is a great spot for craft beer and pizza baked in an earthen stove. It is set in a garden on a barren land occupied by the community and an excellent start to an evening in Dalston as the fair... Erfahre mehr

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Welcoming green spot off Brick Lane. Meet Bayleaf the donkey and a loveable pair of hairy hogs among others. Homegrown produce, homely café, laid-back weekend festivals, and kids Wild Club.

So cool! They have donkeys, ducks, pigs, chickens; little gardens; activities; fresh produce etc etc and its next to another little park which is perfect for stretching out in...

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The most tranquil place you could find in the middle of a concrete jungle! You can go there for breakfast/lunch, take a horse riding lesson, visit the in house animals, or simply to take a break!

One of the best of London’s city farms, if only for the incongruous vista of grazing cows and sheep juxtaposed against the looming skyscrapers of Canary Wharf.

Walk to the farm. Cows, pigs, horses, llamas, chickens, sheep on the meadows... a whiff of muck - all in a city. Kids tours organized. There is a cafe with lovely cake.

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Lovely little riverside city farm with pigs, cattle, goats and other animals and a very good (though a little pricey in our opinion) cafe restaurant - good quality food.

Take your kids to a farm right in the middle of East London, this is probably the central most farm in the city where you can see farm animals, buy organic food and relax in a local cafe.

This farm is a great place for a day out for young and old. Entry is free and spring is a good time to go as that's the time when the young animals are born. Unsurprisingly I've seen groups of scho... Erfahre mehr

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Great to wander along, jog or hire a Barclay's bike if you feel like exploring a little further. Lots of cool cafes if you go east

London’s canal system is a marvel of industrial engineering. Over 200 years old, it no longer acts as a commercial artery into the heart of London from the countryside, but instead has become a net... Erfahre mehr

Lovely to walk past Broadway market on a Saturday or Colombia Flower market on a Sunday and reach the canal, walk down past cafes and bars and imbibe East London!

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Lovely park that is close by. Split by the railway line. Great for a walk or run. 5k if you do a figure of 8 around both side. Two childrens play areas. A parcours-esque exercise route. Tennis... Erfahre mehr

Huge Common with shops, pubs and cafes attached to it (on Bellevue Road). There is also a children's park over the bridge to the right. Great space for walkers, dog walking or jogging. There's also... Erfahre mehr

It's a 7 minute walk from the house and makes for a nice walk in the woods, past ponds, there are tennis courts, small trails and plenty of grass to picnic in. The Hope pub is on the edge there if ... Erfahre mehr

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Filled with choreographed fountains (1,080 water spouts, operating 8am-8pm daily, and lit in many colours at night), the square’s terracing down to the canal is populated most sunny days. No wonder... Erfahre mehr

The fountains at Granary Square are a brilliant activity for the kids. Grab a coffee at Caravan and let the kids cool off while you soak up the surroundings. Get there at 10am sharp at the weeken... Erfahre mehr

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Highgate Wood is 28 hectares of ancient woodland within 25 minutes walk from our flat. It is a haven for wildlife and provides numerous easily accessible and scenic woodland trails. There are a pla... Erfahre mehr

A disused, raised railway line takes you from inside Finsbury Park to Highgate Wood and beyond to Muswell Hill.A great easy access walk for buggies or limited mobility.An unseen angle on North London!

Great woodland walk, especially with a coffee in hand, and wagging doggies - you are welcome to borrow ours at any time!

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Belongs to the National Wetlands Trust Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary Has birdwatchers Hide Check it out Online for more info Cafe Childdren's entertainment Car Park Special "Duck Bus" No. 283 from H... Erfahre mehr

In 2012 London Wetland Centre was voted Britain's Favourite Nature Reserve in the BBC Countryfile Magazine Awards. The centre is renowned amongst UK ornithologists for its rich wetland habitats.

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This path is part of the historic new river that brought water into London, now a peaceful oasis for wildlife, trees including swamp cypress and dawn redwood. You can still see part of the original... Erfahre mehr

The New River was a canal built in the 1800s to bring water into London. What os left of it forms a walking path (if you can follow it) which begins nearby and winds north through London.

This clean water supply system for London dates back to 1602. The pathway running alongside it is a great, hidden way to walk down to Upper Street.

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London Wildlife Trust has created a garden space on an historic site nestled between the New River and East Reservoir in Stoke Newington.

Wonderful opportunity to see birds and boats for a quiet walk around somewhere that feels completely removed from London

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A really nice walk along the river towards Rotherhite which gives a great view along the river.

The Thames Path is a National Trail that follows the River Thames path - 184 miles long! Starting near its source near Kemble in Gloucestershire finishing at the Thames Barrier near Charlton.

The sign-marked Thames Path starts in East London and lets you walk along the riverside all the way to West London, passing many attractions. Just head to the river and look for signposts!

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For Nature lovers, Aquatic life, Garden shop, an All-age-friendly environment with lots of Greenery and the River Wandle that stems from the Thames!

This is a beautiful walk taking in some beautiful gardens, streams, a farm and even a garden centre and watermill at the end. Perfect for fishing, cycling and picnics.

Large park managed by the National Trust. Fantastic for a walk as there's large parkland, waterways and formal rose gardens. There's also a Garden Center & Cafe. Events often take place here in summer

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Great for a picnic. It has an excellent water playground for the hot summer days or a normal playground for the not so hot days.

GREAT park for kids with lots of climbing frames, swings and a great water park in the summer. There are also tennis courts that can be hired by the hour and a large green space to play football o... Erfahre mehr

The Kensington Memorial Park is a great place to take the kids. The park offers many recreational activities including pleasant formal areas, a children's playground, tennis, football and junior cr... Erfahre mehr

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A 20-min walk away gives you a walk through the woods with meandering paths, a folly, a bat cave and loads of happy wandering.

Not a large wood but Dulwich is fortunately very green for a London suburb and if you want to go forage in the woods this is the place to go.

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Wonderful for kids, lots of daily activities.

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Venue for the 2012 Olympic Rowing and Kayaking events. Wonderful walks and stunning views of Windsor Castle.

Dorney Lake is located near the village of Dorney, Buckinghamshire and is a purpose-built rowing lake. It is around 3 km west of Windsor and Eton and close to the River Thames.

You can cycle, walk, skate, jog and skate board around this lake. It's scenic and quiet. The 2012 Olympic rowing was held here

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Walk through the center of London, along the river

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Absolutely beautiful countryside walk up Leith Hill, where you can reward yourself with a hot chocolate in the winter or something cooler in the summer. Rural Surrey at its best, basically. You do ... Erfahre mehr

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Good place to take a walk and soak up the oxygen, feels like you are in a forest!