Good to the Last Bite: Airbnb Unveils Pineapple Magazine

Inspirational Magazine to Capture the Unique Perspective of a Global Community

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – November 17, 2014 – Airbnb, the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, today announced the release of Pineapple – a magazine that takes the Airbnb brand into the homes of hosts and guests around the world. The magazine marks a major step for Airbnb to become not just a platform where stories are created, but where stories are told. Pineapple will reflect the unique perspective of Airbnb’s global community, with deeply local and personal content that we hope will inspire travelers everywhere. Initial copies will be distributed this weekend at the Airbnb Open beginning November 21.

“Travel on Airbnb is about more than sightseeing and consuming, it’s about connections and community,” said CMO Jonathan Mildenhall. “Our new magazine, Pineapple, will combine the emotional and practical sides of traveling by giving a comprehensive guide to neighborhoods and cities, as well as capturing the sense of belonging that comes from a memorable trip.”

Pineapple will offer a distinct point-of-view that goes beyond today’s traditional travel magazines. The magazine will cover a wide variety of topics – such as culture, art, food, and style – from a local’s perspective with neighborhood guides, insider tips, and unique, personal stories. Each issue will showcase three different cities through the lens of local community members and global travelers. The featured cities in the first issue will be London, Seoul, and San Francisco. Pineapple will inspire readers to open their eyes to the places they visit—and to the potential of their own spaces back home.

Airbnb plans to publish content quarterly, with opportunities for both online and printed editions. The company will distribute 18,000 copies of Pineapple for free to its hosts globally, and a limited number of copies will be for sale in specialty bookstores, newsstands and boutiques across North America and Europe.

Contributors are experienced Airbnb travelers or hosts, chosen to bring their own stories and experiences to life in each article. Following the launch of this issue, Airbnb wants members of its community around the world to submit stories of their own. Pineapple will grow into an active forum for people to tell stories, learn more about the world and great places to visit, and invite others into Airbnb’s global community.

About Airbnb

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