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Erstklassig bewertete Aktivitäten

Die Katzen der Akropolis
Our cat-walk starts near the foothill of Acropolis where we meet our first sociable kitties, get to know their names and their backstories. Freddie and his siblings will welcome you to their area, while Kolovos -our tuxedo boy- will enjoy your petting! We continue our walk through a park where we will meet fluffy Swiffer & Bengal boy who will lure you with their charms together with their feline friends! Strolling through the quiet streets of this neighborhood we find out that every block has a small colony of cats, like chatty Nala and shy Simba ready to still your hearts. We continue our walk towards another park and find our last colony where will meet Gazelle and her best buddy Billy Ray, among others. Our cat - walk finishes at Thissio metro station.
Entdecke dein Talent für die Bildhauerei!
Touch a selection of sculpting tools and learn how they are used. Watch a series of videos on ancient sculpting techniques (ceramics, marble carving, carving on precious stones, lost-wax casting). Model and carve an art object under the guidance of an expert sculptor. Take your own sculpture home as a souvenir. Other things to note Don't hesitate to ask me for the availability!!
Auf dem Eselrücken durch die Landschaft Athens
Before our walk, we meet the donkeys and find out about their nature and special needs and features. You will learn how to approach, groom, feed, put on the halter and handle a donkey. To start our trip we choose the appropriate donkey for each hiker. The distance we shall cover is about 3-6 kilometers depending on your courage and includes a break for water and beverages. The path we take is full of old olive trees and vineyards. During our trekking you will learn how to read and understand the donkey's behavior and how to lead and negotiate with your donkey. Walking by the side of the most patient and calm animal is a unique experience that you will remember forever. When we arrive back to the stable, you can participate in feeding the donkeys, as well as the chickens and the ducks. As a reward for your effort we will enjoy a glass of Greek raki and traditional mezedes. Keep in mind that the start time of the experience is indicative and can be modified according to your wish. As the experience usually takes more than 3 hours, please let us know so we can adjust the duration. We strongly recommend that you choose dates that other guests have already booked. It's much more fun. It is a unique experience to see many donkeys walking in the countryside and it is also nice to make new acquaintances!
Die Katzen von Thissio
Introduce ourselves to them! Yes! They are the locals and they have stories to share with you. Starting our cat-walk near Thissio metro station we get to meet a very sociable colony of cats who live at a nearby park, get to know their names and their backstories. Talkative Stavros will not stop meowing until he gets attention, while Sam and semi blind Cali will beg for your strokes. We continue our walk through the park, where we'll meet Freddie and his siblings who will welcome you to their area. Weaving through the quiet streets Thissio we find that every block has a small colony of cats! We continue our walk to yet another park and find our last colony and meet the fluffy black&white twins Bolek and Lolek among others. Our cat - walk finishes at Thissio metro station.
Erstelle dein Mosaik in Athen
LEARN MOSAIC IN ATHENS A four (4) hours course in the center of Athens, right above the Ancient cemetery of Keramicos and very close to the Acropolis and the historical center of Athens, we teach people how to create their own mosaic based on Ancient Greek, Roman and modern designs. Using the direct method our participients will be able to create their mosaic and take it to their home in four hours. Other things to note The concept does not need any experience on making mosaics.

Die beliebtesten Entdeckungen in Athen

Traditionelles griechisches Essen im unbekannten Athen
Discover the most authentic and fresh, traditional Athenian food in non tourist areas and hidden spots of the City! The type of food and places you may not find alone! We will visit local streets where we will see, taste and shop for cheese, cured meat, fruits, Greek sweets and spices in the markets full of colour, scents and noise. We will sample olives, oil and honey from a farmer and local barrel wine made on the premises of the taverna. We will have two meals with meat and seafood, one at a locals meze bar and one close to the market, and we will drink Greek coffee with a traditional sweet. On tours starting at 4.30pm, 5pm or on Sundays the markets are shut so we will visit two locals tavernas and eat traditional Athenian food with ouzo or raki and local barrel wine. We will walk through the local area for night life where we will sample a sweet with Greek coffee at the end of our tour! Many tastings offered including sit down meals on all tours as you learn about Greek culture from people who live it daily. You will have many friends in Athens at the end of this experience! Vegetarian and gluten free options are available. Discounted childrens rate offered. All experience hosts are fully vaccinated.
Erkunde die verborgenen kulinarischen Geheimnisse von Athen
Fee includes everything consumed on the walk. Taste the most local food in Athens. Skip the tourist traps and discover the local bites of the greek culture. More of 14 traditional and delicious fresh cooked tastings.We will walk in the heart of central Athens where Athenians make their shopping for the daily meal. I'll introduce you to the vendors of my favorite local shops, I'll take you to a traditional greek café (kafeneio), to a dairy shop which produces its own Greek yogurt and introduces you to a Greek cheese producer in its own shop. You'll meet my old friends in the oldest vegetable, fish and meat market of Athens . I'll take you to the best greek traditional restaurant (mageirio) for a seated lunch and of course, you'll try a dessert. During the walk, you'll also try our best wines and distillates of the region. I'll explain to you how to cook all the dishes we'll try, I'll share local insights about recipes ,tips for Athens ,the islands and the culinary traditions. If you don’t find the dates you want, you can always ask me to make room. UPDATE :The tour is hosted responsibly following the guidelines of the World Health Organization and National Public Health organisation to protect each other’s health and safety . Maximum guests to join up to 8 people due to the safety restrictions Masks are provided (if you have not yours) as well as hand sanitizer.
Akropolis-Tour mit offiziellem Reiseführer
Nehmen Sie an diesem Rundgang zu den Wahrzeichen von Athen teil und hören Sie, wie Ihr professioneller Reiseleiter und Archäologe die Geschichte unter den ältesten klassischen Denkmälern Europas beschreibt. Wir gehen zur Akropolis und zum Parthenon-Tempel in das archäologische Gebiet, in dem sich der Tempel der griechischen Götter und der Göttin Athene befindet. Wir werden die Geschichte und die Perspektive dieser erstaunlichen Sehenswürdigkeiten beschreiben. Machen Sie Fotos vom beeindruckenden Parthenon-Tempel und der geschäftigen Skyline der Stadt. Genießen Sie einen unvergleichlichen Rundgang, bei dem wir über die Verbindung der Neuzeit mit der Antike und ihre Ähnlichkeiten mit dem lokalen Leben sprechen. Wir beginnen am antiken Theater des Dionysos, wo Sie sich auf die alten Steinsitze setzen, und wir beschreiben die Theateraufführung dieser Zeit einzigartig für Sie. Wir zeigen Ihnen erstaunliche und geheime Fotomöglichkeiten. Der Tourpreis beinhaltet keine Eintrittskarten für die Akropolis (20 Euro für Erwachsene). Sie können sie direkt im Tourbüro in bar kaufen und die Warteschlangen überspringen oder online.
Alles über Athen – Elektroradtour
All about Athens - Electric bike tour is the best and most fun way to explore Athens and discover places that you would never see on your own. You will ride together with a local Athenian and get fabulous tips and suggestions on how to make the best out of your visit in Athens and Greece! Top quality electric bikes make the tour ideal for everybody, no matter what your fitness level is. Moreover, small groups and a 9 km car-free route guarantee a relaxed and safe bike tour. We will pass by all the major highlights of Athens and also many off-the-beaten path locations. During our 15 short stops, you will have sufficient time to get great pictures of all the important ancient and modern sites. This bike tour is the perfect introduction to the city in an amazingly fun, informative and adventurous way.The tour is also a perfect opportunity for families with children to share an amazing experience during their stay in Athens, as well as a very enjoyable team-building activity for employees.
Barhopping through Alternative Bars in Athens
Come through for a unique Barhopping experience!!! We will visit Alternative, Artsy & hidden Bars in the heart of Athens. We will be visiting 3 bars in 3 hours in Monastiraki, Psirri and surrounding areas. Either you a solo traveler, a couple or a group of friends and you're down to discover Alternative Bars in Athens this experience is for you! Our night starts at the meeting point (Monastiraki Square) where everybody’s checking in on time. Then we’ll walk to our first stop, my favorite Alternative & Queer friendly little spot: Featuring local artists, DJs, pop up bazaars and their signature Cocktail with homemade jam! We’ll have a drink, meet & greet with the group and continue to move from one bar to another (3 total). Each spot offers a round of shots for the road and it's been exclusively selected based on the ambience, culture, music, art, DJs and delicious cocktails. Throughout the night, we'll offer you recommendations for places you can visit on your own time, we'll play bar & drinking games, dance if you may and have a night to remember! The route we’ll be following is carefully curated in advance, paying mind not only to our safety but also the chance to gaze on street art and the beauty of Athens by night.

Besonders gut bewertet aufgrund ihrer Einzigartigkeit

Essen, tanzen, Freunde treffen, leben und trinken wie ein Grieche
The main idea is doing things your travel agency cannot provide.From a family dinner cooked exclusively for you (greek dishes you have never tried before)to having beers over music by a guitar,up a cliff in a secret location in kipseli,with an amazing full view of athens.let me take you off the beaten track,visit our national library,the university and the academy where you will ''meet'' Socrates and Plato.our byzantine eye hospital, coins museum and the change of the presidential guards in front of the parliament.Where do the locals go when they wanna have fun?our kafeneia with live traditional music on the road ,playing the bouzouki and dancing.where do we go for dessert and many other hidden gems in Athens.The fish and meat market where everyone is trying to sell their products early in the morning,along with spices,nuts and all kinds of olives.This tour can be the map through your stay in Athens and the islands.Let me immerse you to the Greek way of living! Other things to note some of the events,like bouzoukia and flowers throwing or bar crawl, are not included.Also contact me for any type of transfers
Schatzsuche um die Akropolis
*Check with us for discounts for families and groups* Ian Blake, an Archaeology Professor has gone missing during his research trip to Athens. Can you help us locate him? Treasure Hunting is an alternative, engaging and fun way of exploring classical destinations. In the greater area around the sacred hill of the Acropolis, we will visit some of the most important “historic gems” and will reveal their stories through interactive and on-the-spot challenges. No entrance fee is required, the monuments that we will visit are all free to walk to. Each session is dedicated to one group at a time and children under 8 years old are free of charge. This 3-hour walk among antiquities is technology-assisted and will require imagination, creativity and a keen eye for riddles & puzzles to complete. Ideal for wannabe treasure hunters! The game can be played in a few different versions tailored to the team's experience and expectations: for friends (16 - 99+) or family (08 - 99+) with or without a game coordinator. You pick your fun! Follow us on instagram "theacropolistreasurehunt" Other things to note Mild physical activity required with only gentle uphill and downhill sections. As an outdoor activity, we rely on good weather conditions, otherwise we rebook or refund Remote progress tracking & assistance or game guide Ipad, navigation & internet familiarity
Ein zauberhafter Nachtspaziergang durch Athen
Step away from the commercial hype of the city as I welcome you to the alternative parts of Athenian vibe. ....Be prepared to be amazed by the mysterious and romantic atmosphere that surrounds Athens and gives to the city a unique touch that not many people get to experience. During the tour I am going to guide you through the most narrow and hidden streets where mainly locals go and I will tell you stories that are part of the local culture. We will first stop in Plaka area to see picturesque little streets and enjoy a walk in Anafiotika, the coziest neighborhood in Athens.( Keep in my mind there are some few stairs in this place, but not a lot) The Second part is a walk among the most iconic cafes and bars in the center of Athens.(we will not sit in any bars-it is more a scouting visit) It's a great way to discover small taverns, bars and cafes and mix with the locals. The places we go to are small gems and are not easy to find at all. We will stop in 1 of these hidden gems to grab a quick bite. This tour is not a bar hopping tour, it's a walk around the places that i love as an Athenian so you can choose where to pass your next days. All are welcome! Solo travelers, locals, groups and couples.
Private Tour: Entdecke Athens alternative Szene
Let us walk you downtown Athens’ through back alleys and into neighborhoods you won’t find in guidebook pages! This is bohemian Athens, where alternative shops, amazing street art, hidden courtyards, and indie cafés attract locals-these are beyond the mainstream attractions! Learn about one of the biggest street art scenes in the world and venture into alleyways and back lanes where vibrant cultural spaces exist and new artists have set up their galleries. Our walk will include coffee and spirits, sweets and local tapas. We will explore two unique and loved by locals alternative neighborhoods. Athens balances traditions & trends, ancient monuments, and graffiti and this is the Athens that we will show you. Other things to note Please inform of any allergies as this experience has food and alcohol
Wanderung & Yoga auf dem Lykabettus
The Lycabettus Hill holds a secret I won't reveal yet. We'll meet at the Academy of Athens, a very central and easy spot to find, grab some coffee or tea and head to the Lycabettus Hill. There are multiple routes to choose so the hike can be quite easy or even strenuous if we need a good workout! The Hill is a sacred and beautiful place and the view of the city is astonishing. We will see Athens from up above, have a good view on the historical center and discuss the most important facts about Athens and its history. We will see the beautiful chapel of st.George and take pictures on our way down. Then we will get to the secret spot our yoga & deep relaxation class will take place, warm up a bit and go for our practice gazing at the amazing athenian sky. A nice relaxation part will follow where we will forget a bit about the urban rythm and connect with nature and our deeper selves and get ready for the rest of the day in one of the most historic capitals of the world. All levels are welcome. Feel free to contact me for a date and hour that suits you best. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the yoga location may change. Students & GLT's get a -10% <3 !!

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Foto von National Archaeological Museum
National Archaeological MuseumVon 1.279 Einheimischen empfohlen
Foto von Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural CenterVon 741 Einheimischen empfohlen
Foto von Benaki Museum
Benaki MuseumVon 565 Einheimischen empfohlen
Foto von Ancient Agora of Athens
Ancient Agora of AthensVon 63 Einheimischen empfohlen
Foto von Parthenon
ParthenonVon 420 Einheimischen empfohlen
Foto von National Garden
National GardenVon 3 Einheimischen empfohlen
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